The Lamoille River Paddlers’ Trail is a grassroots, community effort. We envision that volunteers, which could include individuals, civic groups, youth groups, and businesses, provide valuable help by adopting sites along the trail and completing annual maintenance and monitoring tasks.

We are currently looking for volunteer “site adopters” to help maintain:

  • The Dog Head Falls portage (Johnson)
  • Sloping Falls portage (Johnson)
  • Teeter Totter Campsite (Johnson)

What do volunteers do?

Volunteer campsite adopters open a campsite in the spring, conduct at least one check during the summer, and close the campsite in the fall. At the site, volunteers check condition of campsite infrastructure, clear access paths, replace missing or damed signs, and maintain sign-in registers.

• Volunteer portage trail adopters make occasion visits throughout the season to keep access paths and portage trails clear, replace missing or damaged signs, maintain sign in registers, and pick up trash.

If you are interested in helping steward a site, please contact us.